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tyson-rex asked:
So what is the reason for the hiatus? I don't mean to be rude, just curious.

((just a lack of interest, i guess. i’m not even really in the fandom anymore. plus rping isn’t my thing, which i found out from this blog. ask blogs are way easier to do.))

asknotepad asked:
So are you still there, or is the hiatus in effect?

((still on hiatus))

How mad was Octavia, and did you tell her why you got arrested? (and did you get the ticket?)

ohohohMAN was she mad. the one phone call i made didnt really do me justice she blew her top! and nah i couldnt get the tickets. but after someone heard about what happened on the news they made a kickstarter to buy us some?? that was really nice haha and the chippendales ended up putting on a private show in our house for getting way more than the tickets costed. nice of em!! it was uncomfortable for me to have male strippers in our living room but boy was tavi happy.

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Well, here it is folks!

A song.

As a matter of fact, it’s “The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang as sung by John Egbert.

We refer to it in-house as “The Bad Touch (Egbertkind)”.

At least, I do.

I hope you all enjoy it, because this is what our voice actors do while waiting on the animators to do stuff!

The voice of John is

He’s a pretty cool guy, and doesn’t afraid of anything. 

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why am i laughing though

The longer it went on the harder i laughed.

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oh yeah and im not joking when i say harpo is gay i mean hes literally gay


you know whats really great

  • sex

you know what i just had that you didnt

  • sex

maybe i should just come to terms with the fact that theres a show featuring ponies that suspisciously look like people i know in real life

Hey Vinyl, I dare you to ask Harpo out on a date

but hes gay