I finally got time to draw something, so here’s a Vinyl scratch!

Track Name: I Can't Stop
Artist: Flux Pavilion
Album: Lines in Wax
Play Count: 5483

#TBT to when Twilight’s weird-ass friends crashed the music store I was working at back in high school. Shit was crazy.

((late night sketch-thing?? lmfao. idk why i drew these two together. i remember people said they looked the same when i used to draw em two years ago so i guess this is my way of proving i can make em look like two different people lol))

aurapaladin asked: I'm not even in the fandom anymore and this is still the best thing. Welcome back!

Hey, thanks. Glad to be back!

pathwaysintoinsanity asked: *bombards you with corn* I MISSED YOUUUUUUU.

I don’t blame you. I AM pretty adorable.